Easy Breezy Budget Office Equipment

Posted by on Oct 11, 2017 in General |

IT IS EASY to get caught up in the latest and greatest furniture and equipment for your office—you want it to look fabulous and make a statement about your success. But don’t lose sight of your budget. Your cash flow could wind up looking like the national debt.

Don’t despair! It really is a breeze to make good decisions about purchasing equipment, franking machine supplies from nslmailing.co.uk and furniture, have a nice-looking office, and make your business run smoothly and efficiently.

If you have decided that you want to provide your staff with computers, don’t just go out and buy the cheapest models on sale or a mixed batch you find at an auction. Instead, I consider standardizing computers, and find a company that will service them, then make sure they are adequate so that employees can work on them quickly and efficiently.

Looks, appearance, and brand names would not figure high on my list of priorities, nor necessarily would the initial purchase price. Instead, I would think of the total cost of the computers, including service and downtime. How much does it cost if an employee’s computer is down? Ideally, in addition to getting quality computers and a solid service plan, I would have a back-up computer available for use.

Do the Chairs Really Matter?

You are projecting an image with the type of furniture that you choose to outfit your office with. Buying it used can certainly help offset costs, and comes as a recommendation for keeping budgets in check, but make sure that it is in tip-top shape. New or used, your furniture should be professional in appearance. Try for a coordinated look and a simple color scheme carried throughout your office. Good, simple, tasteful design is paramount if you intend to have clients visit your office on a regular basis.

Look for furniture that is comfortable and suitable for at least eight hours a day. Make sure your desks and chairs are ergonomically designed to minimize physical stress. Having heavy computer users develop wrist and hand problems is a risk I would work to avoid.

So yes, choosing comfortable and physically healthy chairs for your employees does make a difference!

Should We Have Our Own Email System?

Even many very tiny businesses have their own proprietary email system—their computer consultant assures them it will be extremely reliable. Well, I have been in too many situations when our proprietary email system has crashed and it has taken a full day or longer to get it back up again. You don’t need to bother with your own email system. I suggest you just find a name that is the same as your business at one of the big, free commercial email hubs. If your business name isn’t available, just find something that sounds professional.

No, don’t get your own email system!