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Reasons on Why Wood Moisture Meter is Important

Posted by on Nov 7, 2016 in Bolg |

For example, you have already spent days or even weeks building and making your new wooden furniture to be used in your living room or bedroom. You have exerted lots of energy and effort cutting, shaping, and pasting every piece of lumber for your wood furniture. However, just days after you have finished your wood furniture, you start to observe and notice that the pastes or glue that is holding all the pieces together started to wary away and seemed that it has never been bonded the pieces properly; and the varnish paint or any kinds of paints you have applied to your wood furniture is starting to peel away. What could have caused this problem? It seems like the pieces of wood you have used in building your wooden chair are slightly too wet to be used yet. In other words, the moisture content of the woods being used was very high that it caused the wooden chair to be poorly constructed and made, compromising the overall quality of the woodwork.

Even if you are not a wood hobbyist, monitoring the moisture content or level of the wood is essential because this is when the quality of woodwork can be measured and be properly done. Below are some of the reasons why measuring the moisture content of the wood is very important.


For Safety Purposes

The sample situation being presented and stated above is just one of the most common situations being faced by wood builders when the moisture content and level of the wood is not checked before the actual construction or building of a certain furniture. The higher the moisture content of the wood, the weaker the joints,  and the overall woodwork quality is poor. If there is excess moisture in the wood, it causes the furniture to be easily destroyed and weakened, thus making the furniture won’t last for a long time. By using the wood moisture meter which can be bought in kilnservices.co.uk, it will ensure a good quality of wood work.


If there is a weak bond of joints in the pieces of wood of the furniture being done, then don’t expect that your furniture will last long. By using the wood moisture meter, you will be able to determine if the moisture level is good enough for the construction of furniture to take place so that the paints and paste that are to be used will be able to stick the pieces of wood all together correctly and properly.

Quality Product

Above anything else, checking the moisture content of the wood will also ensure quality results and products. If the wood is too wet to use, wait until the moisture content or level is okay for the wood to be used or else, if you really persist using the wet wood, the paint might bubble or the glue and pastes that are to be used in making the furniture will not stick together properly.

Remember that one feature of wood is that is a hygroscopic material. This means that it can absorb or release moisture into its environment until it reaches the equilibrium moisture of its surroundings.

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What Wooden Crafts To Make?

Posted by on Oct 31, 2016 in Technology & Electronics |

What Wooden Crafts To Make?

Wooden crafts would look good in your home and backyard. They are great decorations that you can make with wood. You can even wear them now. Modern wooden crafts are more interesting and here are some wooden crafts you can make.

Wooden jewelry
Everyone wants to wear jewelry. Some people have unwanted reactions to metallic jewelry and no matter how much they try their skin reacts to it. They develop rashes on the part of their skin that gets in contact with metallic jewelry. Wooden jewelry has become pretty advanced. Wooden crafts turned into wooden jewelry like bangles, beads, and necklaces. You can string wooden beads in various colors to make a sophisticated piece of jewelry.

Photos on wood
You can have your wood dried with kilnservices.co.uk to make this craft. Photos on wood are quite simple but have great effects once displayed. You can print out a picture you really love using a laser printer. Transferring photo on wood is a delicate process using a matte gel medium to attach the picture to the wood. Soak the paper with water. You will just scrape off the paper from the photo and once you are done rubbing the picture is already imprinted on the wood.

Crafted shelves
You can make any room look lovelier with crafted shelves made of wood. You would just need good quality wood dried with kilnservices.co.uk. You can use the wood any way you want. You can use the naturally aged color it turns into over the year. Wood staining is also a method widely used by many in woodcraft. Painting is also a great way to make the wood look brighter and to make it match the color theme in your room.


Flower pot
You can add another wooden craft aside from wooden benches to your yard. Making flower pots is a cool way to add glamour to planting. You can make a flower pot out of wood logs. Cut out a hollow hole at the middle part of the wood log and you have a nice looking flower pot. There is even no need to paint them since their natural color is already good looking. Putting wooden scraps together would make a flower pot with colorful painting on your windowsills.

Wooden spoons
The kitchen can also make use of the wood scraps you left after finishing other wooden crafts. You can turn them into wooden spoons. Cooking with wooden spoons is very helpful to avoid scrapes on your precious pans while cooking. They can also be a good serving spoon on the table. The handles can be painted with various colors to make them look bright and colorful in the cupboard. You can also put them on display.

Thinking of what wooden crafts to make will guide you to create useful crafts. Wooden jewelry can make you more glamorous. Wooden spoons are great on kitchens. Flower pots made of wood will help you planting. Crafted shelves add storage space. Photos on wood keep memories.

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Do Burglar Alarms & CCTV Actually Work?

Do Burglar Alarms & CCTV Actually Work?

Posted by on Oct 6, 2016 in Technology & Electronics |

Have you ever wondered whether burglar alarms and CCTV really act as a deterrent to burglars? Many people spend their time seeing CCTV cameras perched on the edge of buildings or attached to houses but you rarely hear an alarm screaming down the road, which of course is a good thing! It’s quite common in old alarm systems, especially those with battery backup and anti-tamper systems because they can be triggered for all kinds of reasons.

For this reason, many households put off installing them because they are of the opinion that they just don’t work. What’s the point if you’re woken in the night by an alarm ringing in your street and apparently no one is taking any notice? The thing is, the burglars DO take notice and it’s for this reason that contacting a company such as afass.co.uk is in your own best interests. Take a look at your street and see how many people have installed alarms. The obvious point here is that those who have an alarm will have an alarm box and maybe even an outside automatic light. The light will probably be triggered by motion. Both of these things can be deterrents, the noise the alarm makes is usually not.

Of course, there are those who decide that a deterrent is enough and instead of having a complete alarm system installed, will simply pop a false box on the wall. There are a number of problems with this approach, but the most obvious is that thieves have access to the internet too and they can see which alarms are fakes very easily. Statistically, burglaries are shown to be mostly opportunistic, that is a burglar will see an open window or door, or a lack of basic security and decide to have a go. The chances of them having a go at robbing your house are increased when they see something of value like a television through the window. The chances are greatly reduced when they can see that by trying to gain access, an alarm is likely to go screaming at them.

If an alarm does go off, it could be connected privately to the police as well as the homeowner, making the burglary not so attractive after all. Of course, the benefit of a professional alarm with multiple zones and protection comes into play when the thief has planned his deed. Although rare, some thieves have a particular reason for entering a house. Often they are found to have been ‘stealing to order’ and their goal will be to find and retrieve a certain item of value.

A good alarm system won’t just act as a visible deterrent, but it will also provide protection for such items and give intelligence as to where the perpetrator is, and even stream video footage of the crime in progress. Should the burglar get away before the authorities turn up, you then have valuable evidence that can be used to prosecute.

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