Reasons on Why Wood Moisture Meter is Important

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For example, you have already spent days or even weeks building and making your new wooden furniture to be used in your living room or bedroom. You have exerted lots of energy and effort cutting, shaping, and pasting every piece of lumber for your wood furniture. However, just days after you have finished your wood furniture, you start to observe and notice that the pastes or glue that is holding all the pieces together started to wary away and seemed that it has never been bonded the pieces properly; and the varnish paint or any kinds of paints you have applied to your wood furniture is starting to peel away. What could have caused this problem? It seems like the pieces of wood you have used in building your wooden chair are slightly too wet to be used yet. In other words, the moisture content of the woods being used was very high that it caused the wooden chair to be poorly constructed and made, compromising the overall quality of the woodwork.

Even if you are not a wood hobbyist, monitoring the moisture content or level of the wood is essential because this is when the quality of woodwork can be measured and be properly done. Below are some of the reasons why measuring the moisture content of the wood is very important.


For Safety Purposes

The sample situation being presented and stated above is just one of the most common situations being faced by wood builders when the moisture content and level of the wood is not checked before the actual construction or building of a certain furniture. The higher the moisture content of the wood, the weaker the joints,  and the overall woodwork quality is poor. If there is excess moisture in the wood, it causes the furniture to be easily destroyed and weakened, thus making the furniture won’t last for a long time. By using the wood moisture meter which can be bought in, it will ensure a good quality of wood work.


If there is a weak bond of joints in the pieces of wood of the furniture being done, then don’t expect that your furniture will last long. By using the wood moisture meter, you will be able to determine if the moisture level is good enough for the construction of furniture to take place so that the paints and paste that are to be used will be able to stick the pieces of wood all together correctly and properly.

Quality Product

Above anything else, checking the moisture content of the wood will also ensure quality results and products. If the wood is too wet to use, wait until the moisture content or level is okay for the wood to be used or else, if you really persist using the wet wood, the paint might bubble or the glue and pastes that are to be used in making the furniture will not stick together properly.

Remember that one feature of wood is that is a hygroscopic material. This means that it can absorb or release moisture into its environment until it reaches the equilibrium moisture of its surroundings.