Technology on Changing the Face of Selling

Posted by on Aug 24, 2016 in Sales |

Selling began as the basic practice of trade. It is originally defined as the act of convincing another party to get merchandise or take advantage of a service in exchange for something that equals its value. In the ancient times people would refer to it as trading because people exchange goods for something that they do not have. The concept of money and pricing had not been developed yet, but selling has existed as an activity more challenging than the one we know today.

Nowadays all businesses rely on the skills of their sales team to increase their profit. Though business success is determined by a lot of factors including the quality of the products or services sold, the culture of the people involved in production and the effectiveness of marketing strategies employed, selling remains to be the core of every business’ success. Experts at would agree that marketing only works as a lure to spark customer’s interests but the final act that finishes the show is the sales conversation a customer will have with a sales professional.

Technology has since been changing how people do things everyday including how they conduct business. From the invention of money to the coming of the most recent wearable gadgets, technology has made many changes in selling.

The coming of banks gave birth to alternative payment methods such as using checks, credit cards and debit cards. People have gone a long way from trading goods in exchange for something else, to now swiping their phones to make a payment at almost anywhere. People can now conveniently make payments and transfer money to anyone without physically going to the ban because a mobile app or an online website can already do that.


If before selling used to be something that you need to face-to-face, the business has now changed. Though field sales still continue to generate a handsome amount of profit for businesses, more non-conventional means have gone out to also prove themselves as effective means to generate profit. The biggest retail store in America sells their products without having a physical store. This is made possible by the internet along with its ability to reach out to people wherever they are and to accept payments in many forms that do not require the buying customer to go to a specific physical location.

It is now a universally accepted fact among sales professionals that there is no single universal approach that guarantees good results. With new technology available from, sales teams can now revisit their sales interactions and study how to best improve their strategies. With the use of data collection systems for businesses engaging in sales interactions, the effective approaches employed to close a sale can now be studied fully and be replicated to generate the same positive results.

Truly, technology has changed the way people live their lives. It sure has made changes on how people communicate and do business and will continue to do this as long as there are discoveries being made every day.