Which is Better – Traditional or Digital Business Cards?

Posted by on Nov 25, 2016 in Technology & Electronics |

Whether you are in a very important position in a company or running a business, you have at least been to one networking event. And from that event, you have walked away with tons of business cards from individuals that you have made a connection with. This has always been how you expand your network. However, with the world going digital, are traditional business cards still a thing these days? There are virtual alternatives, such as nameplate websites and mobile apps, which many people see as a replacement to its paper counterparts.

Here are some pros and cons of traditional versus digital business cards.


Traditional Business Cards

The benefit of traditional business cards is that it provides you the chance to connect your brand with individuals that you want to connect with in the future. You start with your first impression in this. Even if digital counterparts are getting popular, the visual content of traditional business cards is a great reminder to individuals of your identity and what your business is.

The drawbacks of traditional business cards are when there is a need to update your personal contact information. Have you changed your email and website address? Did you change locations and contact numbers? When you do, you will need to get rid of your old business cards and print new ones. Any changes you have with your personal or business information calls for an entirely new bulk to be printed.

Digital Business Card

Taking out the paper and just having the digital form of your business card, you get to share it with other individuals that are smartphone users. There are various mobile apps that allow you to share digital business cards with other individuals through digital means. You can make your digital business cards. You can’t call it in its plural form since you can send them to other individuals using only one file. You will never run out of it as long as the data holding your digital business card is still intact.

Another advantage of the digital business cards is that it will aid you maximizing your networking and generate your opportunities that can be found online. Nameplate websites like re.vu, about.Me, icon.me and the like allow visitors to learn more about your business and yourself. They also get to learn more about your greatest works and learn how they can reach you. When your page is created, you can create a link and have it posted on your social media profiles and email signatures to get that extra exposure.

Unlike traditional business cards, digital business cards can be associatedwith individuals that are considered one day millionaires. One day they are hot and the next they are gone. Not all mobile variants are made available for both Android and iPhone, meaning that you can’t just exchange your digital business cards unless you share the same apps. Some apps are not even available on either platform.

Many agree that it is best to use both traditional and digital business cards together. This way, you will be able to give actual cards and even share your digital version to individuals that share similar apps like yours. You can find various samples of digital business cards at biz card.me.